Getting started

Getting started with Nearest! location-management platform.

This documentation covers all components of the Nearest! location-management platform. The App sections describes core configuration options. In the Import & Synchronization sections covers all processes of importing data to the platform. The Interface section describes all necessary information of integrating your data into other systems.

Where do I start?

The best way to start is to understand the terms used in this documentation and at the Nearest! platform.

pageTerm definitions

After that you should have a look at the dashboard section to get an overview of the Nearest! Dashboard and where you'll find all settings.

pageThe dashboard

Now that you understand the typical recurring terms of Nearest! and know where you'll find all necessary settings in the dashboard you should learn how to configure your app to be prepared to sync data and integrate it into your website.

Step-by-Step guide

We also have a simple example to set up a store locator with Nearest! This is also a good starting point to understand the basic the workflow on how to work with the Nearest! location management system.

pageStep-by-Step example

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