Element connector

Learn more about how to connect incoming data with elements
With element connector you will assign incoming data to your elements. You will do that by defining source fields, add optional preparations for the data and finally define a parser for transforming it into the final value.

Unique ID

The unique id is a special typeof data which is needed to identify a location when re-importing, synchronizing or deleting data from external sources. If your items cannot be identified by a unique value, we're not able to synchronize your data instead we will add them and identify them as duplicates. Removing items from the Nearest! DB and scheduled tasks are only possible if a unique ID is available.

Source fields

Source fields assign parts of the incoming data to specific elements.


Preparations can prepare incoming data with predefined functions before importing to Nearest! Preparations are a powerful way to exclude information and enrich location information from given data.


The parser is the final process of transforming the input into the specified element data.