Google Docs

Sync your locations from Google Docs
You will learn how to sync your data with an external Google Docs file. Please see the Authentication section before starting to import your file.
At the moment we can handle Google Spreadsheet files only.


You need to share your custom Google Docs file with [email protected] with read access before importing to Nearest!

Google Docs ID

With the DocId you can address any Google Docs file. Where do I find the Google Docs ID?

Formatting the spreadsheet

You can see, copy or duplicate or public example Import Template file if you do not have your date already available.
Each row of your spreadsheet file should represent one location. Data should be separated into fields. The first line should be the header line explaining the contents of each column and shouldn't renamed after you connected the fields in the Nearest! Element connector.
To learn more about formatting the data (i.e. addresses, opening hours, ...) please check out the Data types section.

Importing and synchronizing‌

To start bulk importing from a URL go to Import & sync and Create import. In Import sources select google as your import type and add the Google Doc ID.


After clicking Analyze we will analyze your file and try to find your locations and the correct data type. After clicking Save you'll need to connect the found fields to your location elements.
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