Elements & Filter

How to extend locations with custom data


A location represents a record in the Nearest! database and consists in its absolute basic form of a coordinate. You are free to extend each location with custom data. To do this you can add elements to each location which are globally defined in your locator settings. You'll find the elements in the Nearest! Dashboard > Locator > Elements & Filter.
  • You can add unlimited elements to each location
  • Elements are defined globally in your locator
  • Only the address element is required
  • Before adding locations you need to specify your elements
  • Elements can be hided in the interfaces

Data types

Each element represents one type of data, such as telephone, name, opening hours or other custom data. Before adding that data to the location you need to specify a data type for each element.


Some elements can be used to filter your locations or to represent custom icons on the map.


Elements can be grouped together. Grouping can be used to add relevance between elements and show a specific header, a sub-header and a footer.
Last modified 4yr ago