How to enable and configure location filtering

Filtering locations by elements

Filtering your locations is one of the most important feature for end-users. Here you find a short list of use-cases that uses filtering:
  • Give me only locations where product X is available
  • Where is the next shop where I can pay with Apple Pay?
  • Show me spots with free parking
Assumed that data is available you should enable any filtering. If you need to exclude that filterable information you should check out the preparation section of the Nearest! Import component.

What can be filtered?

Currently you can filter by the following data types
If it's important to filter for one specific element you need to specify the correct data type when adding that element.

Filtering vs Searching

I cannot filter for Input fields. Why?

You have to distinguish between filtering and searching: If you want to get a list of all locations with "shop" inside you would search for that but if you want to get a list of locations with a specific element value available (such as brand, category or service) you would filter your results for that value.

Customizing map markers by elements

Wouldn't it be great to show a specific marker for a specific element value? Or a combination of multiple values? Sure and it improves user experience a lot. But technically this is a front-end customization and not filtering. You will find all relevant information